My name is Yuliya Rae, I am an award-winning and published portrait photographer based in Seattle. I photograph modern, Vanity Fair-style portraits, bringing a celebrity experience to an everyday person.

Would you like to feel like a magazine model for a day? What would it feel like for you to be photographed with the people you love most? Wouldn’t you love a photograph of yourself that is so beautiful, even in 30 years’ time you can’t stop looking at it?

What drives me to create is empowering people to love themselves. Through photography I help you honor yourself, to embrace yourself for who you are and who you want to be, to celebrate everything you have accomplished in your life.

I help you stand in front of the camera to realize your full worth, potential and value.

I invite you to experience a portrait session with me. It will begin your journey of discovery, acceptance and love for yourself.