One thing I hear over and over again is how fast time goes by. Kids change grades, shoot up inches in one summer, and trade dolls and planes for lipstick and video games. We grow older and when we look through family albums, we realize how few portraits we have – of ourselves, of our families, of our spouses. The moments we captured with our phones were erased to make room for more storage and nothing ever got printed.

Seeing couples, families and individuals interact, play around and connect during our sessions reminds me of the importance of carving out one hour every few years to capture the love that exists between people. Nothing is permanent but love.

Let’s make sure we capture the kisses. Let’s not forget the smiles and silliness. Let’s bring the paper planes and dolls with us to the shoot to capture the innocence, the imagination, the wonder. Let’s not wait too long to take beautiful portraits of you and your spouse. Let’s make sure we can sneak in kisses before your kids think it’s not cool enough to be affectionate with their parents.  Let’s create your family’s legacy through photographs that will warm your heart for years to come.

Book your own portrait session today. Let’s start creating your legacy.

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