How Often Should You Brush Your Beard?

How to Use Beard Brush?

Beard combs are made exclusively for beards. They are not the regular hair combs which we use in general. Choosing the suitable beard comb for you is one of a tricky task, as it depends on the growth of your beard growth. If your hairs of the beards are dense and thicker, then you should go for a broad or wide comb with thick edges and more gaps between the teeth. But if your beard has just started growing, then you should select a beard comb with less gap and thin teeth. There is a standard way to comb or brush your beard. You should follow this every morning after taking a shower.

How to Use Beard Brush?

Things not to do while buying a beard comb

Before buying a beard comb for you, you should do proper research on beards and comb types. There is a huge variety of combs and brushes available in the market for men. If you are a beginner, these things might confuse you a little bit. It is advised not to worry and take some help from an experienced person who has used any beard brush or comb previously. Try your best to not purchase cheap plastic combs as they are not very durable and are not eco-friendly as well.

Combing Vs brushing the beard

For detangling your facial hair, comb and brush both are necessary. Brush is used to clean and keeping your beard moisturized, while comb helps in styling it the way you desire. When you came after taking a nice shower, the first step you have to do is to detangle your hair by a nice

How to Use Beard Brush?

Why to use specialized beard combs?

It is not appropriate to use your hair comb or brush as your beard comb or brush, as it can bend and break easily. Firstly, the spacing and edges or the beard hair directly depend upon the length of your beard hair. Secondly, the hair of your head is more coarse as compared to the hair of your beard. That is why you are required to use a beard comb whose teeth will not bend and twist easily, for getting prevented from redness and itchiness.

The space or gaping between the teeth of hair comb and beard comb is another major reason why you should keep two combs for each purpose. Easy gliding function is present in the beard hair because they have enough spacing between them. Whereas the hair combs for head are coarser for the length of the hair.

A good beard comb or brush should have these following properties

  • Smooth: a good quality hair comb should have soft and easy edges to detangle your tangled hair. It should not cause any hurt in your facial skin.
  • Coarser: if you have hard and rough hair, then your comb should be a little hard to match the coarseness of your hair. It should be able to create a little friction to the hairs due to their thickness.
  • Consistent: a good brush or comb should set the beard hair properly and not make it easy to move. Best brush for beard should be able to maintain a consistency in your facial hair
  • Narrow spacing: beard hair comes in control of the combs which have lesser gaps between their teeth. It helps in styling your beard hair perfectly and quickly.
  • Easily carried: these days, tiny beard combs are in trend. You can keep them in your pant pockets and use them whenever you feel the need to.

Materials used in making specialized beard combs

How to Use Beard Brush?

  • Wooden: these are so commonly available and most men prefer using these wooden combs. They look attractive to the eyes too, maybe because these are handcrafted. The mere drawback of the wooden combs is that they are neither water-resistant nor waterproof. So you have to take extra care of them while and after using them. But they are more durable and long-lasting comparatively others.
  • Metallic: These combs are harder as compared to the wooden ones. It is suggested to do the minimize use of these combs as they have rough edges and it can destruct the pores of your hair, known as follicles. They also require a lot of friction to comb your beard.
  • Cellulose: like silicone or rubber, it is a soft bendable material used in the production of beard combs. These materials are so soft to be used as beard combs. They do not cause breakage at all. These kinds of combs are extremely convenient to clean as well as fancy looking.

How to look after your beard hair

While combing, you should consider some vital points to take care of your beard and its growth. The ingrown hairs that occur due to a lot of friction placed on your facial hair might cause redness and rashes in that particular area on your face. Sometimes, this ingrown hair can be a cause of inflammation and itchiness. To avoid these harmful incidents, you should slowly and gently use the combs and brushed them into your beard hairs. Too much friction might be proved damaging.

How to Use Beard Brush?

What is the right time to trim your beard hair?

Time to time trimming your beard hair is also advised to men for staying classy. These will remove the split ends of your hair and make them more presentable. Doing it once or twice a week is sufficient, but this too depends upon the growing speed of the beard hair.

How to keep your facial hair clean?

There are many oils available in the market for men, to apply on their beard hair. This will cause speedy growth of beard hair and improves the texture of the hair.

Special note

It is highly recommended to not do usage of plastic combs, not only due to their cheap quality and rough edges but because the climatic conditions are getting unfavorable for humans day by day. Indissoluble or everlasting plastics are one of its primary reasons. We have to join and take a step back by abandoning the use of plastics at most of the levels in our day to day lives.

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