How to Cut Your Hair With Clippers?

How to Cut Your Hair With Clippers

Cutting out your hair with the help of clippers is not the new case nowadays, because most of the people have started to cut hair with clippers. It has been trending because of many reasons like Balding Problems, Baldness, hair fall problems, and lots of barber charges. All of these caused you to cut your hair with clippers.

How To Cut Your Hair With Clippers?

If you are thinking of Cut Hair With Clippers, you should understand the importance of some of the tips and suggestions. These will help you understand why to cut your hair with clipper and How To Cut Your Hair With Clippers? We will share the information based on a few years of experience of barbers and individuals in cutting hair with a clipper. So, be with us. And go ahead with the article to get knowledge of How To Cut Your Hair With Clippers. So, here are the essential tips and suggestions for you to better understand for ease of cutting your hair with a clipper.

How to Cut Your Hair With Clippers

Basic Preparation

This step is very crucial for the beginners because they need to understand the main difference in the numbers of the blade steps given with the clipper. All the levels have their dimensions helping in trimming your hair. So, carefully read all the instructions given to understand the cutting mechanism. Learn all the types of attachments provided with the hair clipper to know How To Cut Your Hair With Clippers. Keep in mind to use the most extended blade guard first to ease cutting.

Next Step Preparation

The next step is to wash your hair carefully. To remove oil particles, gel particles, and other moisture content along with to remove the dust particles in your hair. Stop hair falling on the ground by covering them with the clothes like the barbers do. Let your hair dry naturally to stop unnecessary hair fall. Start clipping your hair with the most extended blade guard attachment to shorten the hair. It helps in easy cutting your hair with a clipper. After you completely cut your long hair to your desired size, start using different attachments that are available as different size blade guards.

They all help in lowering your beard with clippers in various sizes and styles. You can even prepare forms for your hair by cutting your hair with a clipper. You can use guard one to make burr cuts because we all know that the new generation loves to keep their hair in burr cuts or to keep their hair longer. You can use guard two and four for the crew cut. The shorter guard helps in preparing styles for the boy’s wound. You can even use the clippers for cleaning up edges to give a smarter look on your face. It is how you can solve your problem for cutting your hair with clipper by understanding that How To Cut Your Hair With Clippers.

Best Bald Head Clippers

If you are looking for purchasing best bald head clippers, you should take a look at the following clippers that help you quickly cut your hair with a clipper. So, here are the best clippers you can buy for bald head.

How to Cut Your Hair With Clippers

Philips Norelco QC5580/40

The company calls this hair clipper as Do-it-yourself hair clipper Pro. Philips company manufactures this hair clipper. They have given it is head a unique design. This hair clipper can trim your hair if they are longer as compared to natural hair. It gives your head nice and shiny looks just like it has beautiful and polished looks. If you want the best bald head clippers, you can buy this.

Philips Norelco Shaver 4500

The main thing about this trimmer is that it doesn’t have regular rectangular blades, but it has circular blades. And it doesn’t have a single edge because it comes with three circular moving blades shaping triangular. So, you can say that it’s a rotary shaver, this dual-purpose razor can give a better look on your face as well as on your head. Because it’s one of the best bald head clippers that you can find in the market, they designed it for wet and dry shaving.

Wahl 5-Star Balding Clipper

It’s a product that doesn’t wholly trim if you directly use the blade without any guard. Because it comes with 0.4-0.5 mm or even closer trimming ability. It means that they have specially designed it for those who don’t want to altogether remove hair from the face and head, but they want to keep the hair like they shaved yesterday. It also has two attachments for blade guards with cleaning services in-built as a cleaning oil.

Cleaning and Caring for the Clippers

It would be best if you cleaned the blades with the soap and water, use the brush given inside the box or use your own purchased brush to remove the hair stuck in the edges. To remove the hair from the interior and exterior of the tips, brush the clipper blades. Oil the blades by applying enough oil to the sides. The oil will be in the bottle inside the box, or you can use coconut oil to increase the life of the corner. Applying enough amount of oil inside the clippers and the blades along with the mechanism below the module for better utilization next time. It is how you can take care of best bald head clippers.


By understanding the tips and suggestions how to cut your hair with clippers, we can conclude that it’s easy nowadays to use clippers for shaving your head along with shaving your beard. Because the company which manufactures the shaving machines has made it easy to use those machines for shaving your head. So, you can use them for trimming your hair, and you can Sava a massive amount of money every year. So, these were the basis but most important tips for how to cut your hair with clippers. And we also discussed the best bald head clippers that you could buy from the market as per your requirements.

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