How to Set Foundation for Dry Skin?

How to Set Foundation for Dry Skin?

If you have dehydrated skin and love putting makeup on, it can be challenging for you to hide them, and makeup can make them stand out even more on your skin. This happens because of heavy foundations. So, how to set foundation for dry skin?

The main concerns when it comes to applying makeup are redness and uneven skin tone. A person with dry skin needs to be invested well for their skin moisturizers for making their skin look less flaky and less itchy. For setting up your foundation, you need to use the best lightweight foundation for dry skin and keep using the right products with just the right amount of layering of makeup.

How to Set Foundation for Dry Skin?

How to prep for your dry skin?

Flakiness and irritation can be caused due to allergic reactions or changes in environmental conditions. The dryness can be caused due to the usage of too much scrubbing on your skin. A person with dry skin is advised to use gel creams for their facial treatments. You can’t even use a cream moisturizer after using a scrub on your face because it will clog your pores and lead to acne.

Dry skin type has a compromised moisture barrier. So moisturizing in the right amount is really important; you can’t use heavy-based moisturizers to worsen the tissue and cause a lot of acne on your face.

While applying makeup, even if you have dry skin or not, using a primer is the most crucial step to start with. A primer will help you get an even base, and the application of makeup will be smooth and water.

Daily routine for dry skin

Here are some points you can go through if you are lazy to keep your dry skin in good condition:

  1. Stay hydrated: Keep drinking more and more water. You should drink water when you wake up.
  2. Keep your skin hydrated; it is also essential to keep your skin hydrated as much as your body. Use excellent and lightweight moisturizers.
  3. Keep your face clean: Dirt often makes your face flaky. If you are on the go and can’t wash your face regularly, keep clean wipes with you. Makeup wipes contain natural oils and cleanser, which keeps your face soft and pretty.
  4. Use cleansing oils before going to sleep, so that oil can reach your pores at night without any clogging with dust that can happen if you use the oil on your face in the day time.
  5. Use Vaseline or a moisturizer on your face if you don’t want to use any oil on your face.
  6. You can also use sheet masks on your skin; they are not expensive and will help your skin cracks to heal and stay moisturized.

How to Set Foundation for Dry Skin?

Measures to protect your makeup from peeling

Sometimes after it’s been a while that you have applied your makeup, you start to see some cracks and peels all over your face. Those cracks and peels indeed don’t look good at all.

Here are some things you can keep in mind to set your foundation if you have dry skin from ruining your day:

Skin routine

Prep your skin by having a good skin routine. This can help the dry skin from flaking too much.


Use the best lightweight foundation for dry skin. Try and invest in good and branded products because it is your skin you are talking about and not just the skin you are using the foundation on your face. The lousy quality foundation can ruin your skin and give you so many infections and acne.


Use a concealer that is in liquid form. Many concealers are mostly dry in texture, but if you have dry skin, you must patch-test it and see if the concealer has enough liquid in it. Because if you would go for a dry one, it would look like a dry patch on your face.

If you don’t get the type of concealer you want, you can use the dry concealer by mixing it a little with your favorite moisturizer.

Make your own DIY concealer and use it; with the help of that newly made concealer, you will get a layer of sheer and smooth makeup. This will keep that flaky patch at bay also and will give you a look of flawless skin.


Use cream-based blush after prepping your skin with the best lightweight foundation for dry skin and your DIY concealer. The creamy blush in nature will hydrate and melt into the makeup and look more natural and soft.

Often the blushes or bronzers that we buy are powdered. The powdered products do not look natural on dry skin because they don’t get the moisture to get blended, and they end up looking so odd on your cheeks.


The corners of your eyelids get really flaky that it looks like you haven’t moisturized in ages. Dry skin people can relate to the following statement. This is the reason you should buy the cream-based eye shadows. Which will reduce the dryness, and the makeup will be on fleek like your eyeliner.


Then apply your favorite lipstick that totally goes with your outfit, and that matches your skin tone.

To keep your makeup intact, you should use a setting spray after getting all your makeup done. It would help if you did not forget using it because you spent a lot of time doing your makeup, and you don’t want to let it ruin.

To conclude

If you have dry skin, you have to take the utmost care of your skin. You can use a lot of home-remedies or get some treatments in a salon to keep your dry skin healthy. While using makeup, you need to use the best products available because the copies will look good only for a time, but they can scar your face for the long term. While choosing a foundation for yourself, try to set the best lightweight foundation for dry skin. Because if your foundation is not in liquid form and is basically just a dehydrated product, your makeup application will not look smooth, and there will be patches of makeup that indeed doesn’t look the best.

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