We, the women of the present day and age, need to hear more positive messages. Messages about our roles in society, the value we hold, the love we give to
others, the beautiful bodies we have. We have to create these messages from the ground up, by starting with none other but ourselves.

The reason I started Zipperture Photography was to make women feel empowered, strong, beautiful. I wanted these feelings to emerge from the women I photograph, not by creating them out of nowhere but by letting them emerge from within, with every smile, every tilt of the head, every compliment, and most importantly, from every photograph the woman ended up seeing, witnessing her beauty through my eyes.

I believe passionately in the strength and beauty of every woman. And I am happy I occasionally have low days that force me to remind myself of not only why I love doing this, but also of the amount of love, strength and confidence that still needs to be shared with other women.

I want to do my part, I want to contribute my share. With every click of my shutter, I get to not only keep myself accountable to my own standards and model the positive attitude I want to impart on others. I also get to include one more woman into a community of those unafraid to see a little bit extra on their thighs, or a few wrinkles around their eyes; a community of women empowered by every line, scar, wrinkle and stretch mark. Women who are proud of every single state their body has been in and will be in the future. Women ready to build each other up and change the world for the better. I pitch in photograph by photograph, sharing my talents to make others feel their beauty. What about you? What will you do to join the movement?

If you are ready to start on an empowering journey to discover your true beauty, to take time to yourself and be pampered, to ignite a light of confidence inside of you that will burn for many days after your shoot, send me an email and let’s talk. Don’t put off treating yourself with the love and care you deserve